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Dusty Rusty Stuff is the antique store with a little bit of everything! Pickers will find treasures galore in this eclectic and delightful shop. Pickers looking to find a specific primitive, midcentury, industrial, or vintage antique are invited to contact the Dusty Rusty Stuff staff via phone, email, or the contact form below. 
The Dusty Rusty Stuff staff knows how much pickers love looking through piles of treasure and surprises. They have created a true picker’s dream in the Dusty Rusty Stuff Picking Room, an enormous room full of new merchandise and discounted items, just waiting to be transformed into new and treasured objects. Customers looking for gifts for themselves or others are sure to find it at Dusty Rusty Stuff!

For Antiques & Collectibles Cambridge City IN from Antique Store Dusty Rusty Stuff, contact Dusty Rusty Stuff today or stop by the store! Dusty Rusty Stuff is also open by appointment. Fill out the form below for more information.

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An antique store with a little bit of everything...